JVR-32 / JVR-32-32G Voice Recorder - Video Tutorials

Parts & Controls

This is a video showing different parts of JiGMO JVR-32 Voice Activated Recorder. The back of the recorder has various markings identifying the various buttons. Please refer to these for the functions.

Getting to know the multi-function keys

This is a video briefly explaining the multiple functions of all the keys. Please note :

• Do not turn OFF power in Recording Mode or your current recording in session will not be saved.

• To prevent electronic interference, please keep this recorder away from other electronic devices and strong magnetic fields.

• We recommend backing up your files to a computer regularly to prevent loss of data. Your dBR-D1 Voice Recorder recordings are in a folder called RECORD.

• Do not disconnect the recorder from your computer during the data transfer process to prevent data loss.

• If there is no activity for 5 minutes, the recorder will power off automatically and go to standby mode.

You may adjust these settings in the settings menu under “Auto Switch Off”. To restart the recorder in this state, please hold down PLAY for a few seconds.


This video shows how to charge your JiGMO JVR-32 Voice Activated Recorder. To charge, please connect the recorder to your computer via the USB cable (supplied). The power switch on the recorder may be ON or OFF. Insert the micro USB end of the cable to the recorder, and the USB end to the USB port of a computer which is ON. You may also use a phone charger.


Recording & Saving

This video shows how to record sound with your JiGMO JVR-32 Voice Activated Recorder. Simply:

• Slide the REC/SAVE switch towards REC to enter recording mode.

• Place the recorder so that the built-in microphones face the direction of the source to be recorded.

• The new file will be automatically recorded as the last file in the current folder.

• Now slide down the REC/SAVE button” to “SAVE” to stop and save your recording.

Please Note: If you turn the power off without saving your recording first, your file will be lost.

TIP: If you want to make several recordings at short notice, simply keep the recorder in REC mode and use the PLAY button to pause and resume the recording as required. Remember to keep saving your files every few pauses.

Playing your Recordings

This video shows how to play your recordings.

Press PLAY or “ ⏯ ” to play your recording or a music file. The file starts playing and you can hear it over the built-in speaker or earphones.

• Press “M” on the side of the device to switch between the Recorder Mode or MP3 mode.

• Press “ ⏭ ” or “ ⏮ ” button to select the file you want to play, and then press PLAY to start playing the file.

• Press “ + ”or “ – ” button to adjust the volume.

• Press PLAY or “ ⏯ ” to Pause play.

A-B Repeat Play

A-B Repeat Play is useful for creating a loop within a file to listen to.

• While a file is playing, press “M” to select “A” (the starting point of your intended loop).

• Once “A” starts flashing on the screen, as the file keeps playing, press “M” again at a point in the file you want your loop to end. This will be selected as “B”. This will be the end point of your loop. Now the loop “A-B” will start repeating.

• Press “M” again to cancel “A-B” playback.

• Once selected, it will repeat and play back the A-B interval

• Press “M” again to cancel.

Deleting Files

This video shows how to delete files from your JiGMO JVR-32 Voice Activated Recorder.

• When the recorder is in standby mode (not playing a file), select the file you want to delete, hold down “ + ”or “ – ”key to enter the Delete screen.

• Press “ ⏭ ” or “ ⏮ ” buttons to select “No”/“Yes”/“Delete all”. Press PLAY to confirm your choice.

• “No”:Cancel the Delete process.

• “Yes”:Delete a single file.

• “Delete all”:Delete all files in folder.

• Press the PLAY button to confirm.

• Press “M” to return standby mode.

Note: Once a file has been erased, you cannot retrieve it.

Switching Modes (Record & MP3 Mode)

This video shows how you can switch between recorder mode and MP3 mode.

• If you see a man’s face at the top right of the screen next to the battery icon, then the device is in Recorder mode.

• If you briefly press “M”, the icon will change to a musical note. This is MP3 mode. To switch between modes, simply press “M” each time.

• Download music to the root directory of the machine through USB.

• Press “M” to enter the MP3 player interface.

• Play music using PLAY and just as you would play your recordings back.

Recording Setting

This video is about how to enter the settings and select the recording settings.

• In standby mode, hold down “ M ” button to enter.

• For scrolling through the options, press the PLAY or “ ⏯ ” button to select, press the “M” key to exit.

• Press “ ⏭ ” or “ ⏮ ” to select the recording settings, press the PLAY to enter.

Recording Setting - Storage Location

This video is about how to enter the recording settings and selecting the storage location.

• Press ” ⏭ ” briefly, then select “memory” (refers to internal memory) or “expansion card”, and then press PLAY to save your recording in your preferred location storage.

• Press “M” to exit.

Recording Setting- Record Types

This setting allows you to change the recording quality. The higher the number, the higher the quality and the more space it uses up. Options available:

• 384kbps

• 192kbps

• 128kbps

• 64kbps

• 32kbps

Recording Setting- VOR On/Off

This setting toggles VOR (Voice Activated Recording) ON/OFF.

•Press ” ⏭ ” or ” ⏮ ” briefly to scroll

○ Normal Mode or

○ VOR Mode (Voice Activated Recording) and then press PLAY to save mode.

•Press “M” to exit.

Voice activated recording works with a minimum noise threshold. Recording is only triggered when sound above the threshold is present. It is not based on the “presence of a voice”.

Recording Setting- Recording Monitor

This feature is used for live monitoring during a recording. This feature needs earphones to be used. The options available are:

○ Disable

○ Enable

Recording Setting- Noise Reduction

This feature is used for reducing noise during a recording. You can set the level of noise reduction you prefer by using ” ⏭ ” or ” ⏮ ” to change the values.

Recording Setting- VOR Levels

When VOR is turned on, you can change the threshold for triggering. Please use ” ⏭ ” or ” ⏮ ” to change the values.

The lower the number, the higher the voice activation threshold. The voice activation threshold is lowered by increasing the number in the VOR settings.

Recording Setting- LED Settings

In this video you will see how to switch off the pilot light while recording. this menu item has two options:

• Close

• Open

Recording Setting- Record Subsection

This feature can be useful for navigating to specific sections of long recordings easily. Based on requirements, recording files can be divided into: 30 minutes, 60 minutes, and all the way upto 360 minutes, in 30 minute increments.

• Please use ” + ” or ” – ” to increase the values.

Screensaver Time

You can save battery charge by selecting screen saver settings.

• Scroll through the various options for this feature using ” ⏭ ” or ” ⏮ “.

• Press PLAY to confirm.

• Press “M” to exit. The options available are:

○ Open

○ 5 S

○ 10 S

○ 20 S

○ 30 S

Time Settings

With this feature you can set the current date and time in the recorder

• You can select and press PLAY to confirm, and press “ M ” to exit.

• Press ” ⏭ ” or ” ⏮ ” to select the desired position.

• Press “ + ”or “ – ” to adjust the number.


This feature enables you to set the preferred language of your choice.

Please press PLAY to confirm, and press “M” to exit.

Scroll through the options and select your preferred choice.


This video shows you how to set the screen contrast of your recorder. Press ” ⏭ ” or ” ⏮ ” to increase or decrease the contrast.


The option lets you view the used space as well as available space in your recorder. Press PLAY to view and ” M ” to exit the menu.


Press ” ⏭ ” or ” ⏮ ” to view the Tools , then press the PLAY button to confirm, and press the “M” key to exit.

Tools- Auto Record

Press ” ⏭ ” or ” ⏮ ” to view the Tools. Pres PLAY to enter the tools and again for Auto Record.

Press ” M ” to exit.

Auto Record options:

• Record(Off)

• Record(On)

Note: Your recorder time must be synchronized to the current time zone (see time settings).

Timed recording: The power switch must be ON.

• Set the time at which you want to start recording: Record(On) – (like setting an alarm).

• To adjust the time at which you would like the recording to begin,

Press ” ⏭ ” or ” ⏮ ” to select the hour or minute, and use “ + ”or “ – ” to adjust the time. Once it is set, you need to also specify the duration of the recording (Length) in minutes. Once set, at the specified time, the recording will start automatically and when it has reached the specified length, the file will be saved and the recorder will go to sleep mode.

Tools- Password Switch

This toggles the password ON/OFF. Options are:

• Password Off

• Password On

Tools- Password Set

• Press ” ⏭ ” or ” ⏮ ” to scroll between options; “ + ”or “ – ” to adjust the number. This allows you to specify your password.

• Please keep your password safe.

If you forget your password, enter 9999 and hold down the “ M ” key to bypass the password.

Auto Switch Off

Use the ” ⏭ ” or ” ⏮ ” keys to scroll and PLAY to save your selection. The options are:

• Close

• 1 Minute

• 5 Minute

• 10 Minute

• 30 Minute

• 60 Minute

Firmware Version

You can view the firmware version by selecting this option. Press PLAY to select and ” M ” to exit.

Restore Factory Settings

All settings are restored to the default factory settings. Please use ” ⏭ ” or ” ⏮ ” keys to select and press PLAY to execute.

Troubleshooting Disk Error

Disk error simply means that the file structure might be corrupted. A simple reformat can help resolve this issue.

Troubleshooting Overflow Error

Overflow error means that the memory of your recorder if full. A simple reformat of the recorder can help resolve this issue.

Formatting On Mac

Format the recorder by connecting it to your computer (Mac).

Formatting On Windows

Format the recorder by connecting it to your computer (Windows).