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Digital Voice Recorder Dictaphone Sound Recorder for Meetings and Lectures, Voice Activated Pocket Mini mp3 Player, Sound Recorder with Microphone, Headphones, USB Cable

Price: £30.99

►NEVER MISS SOMETHING IMPORTANT AGAIN! … Did you know that you are probably only capturing about 20-30% of what you hear through traditional note taking? Not to mention, you are missing the full sensory experience of capturing exactly what is being taught, and then be able to recall the information easily. With our Jigmo recording device, you can capture 100% and never have to miss a thing! Get more productivity out of your learning.

►REVIEW YOUR RECORDINGS AND NOTES ON THE GO: With our easy-to-switch feature, you can easily review your recorded files on the go. Simply plug in your earphones to automatically switch to mp3 player mode and unplug them again if you want to record. Great for lectures, students, journalists, musicians, professionals and even doting husbands that tend to miss a lot of what their wives tell them. Our voice recorder / mp3 player has 8 GB of storage for up to 96 hours of recording!

►EASY CLIP DESIGN FOR CONVENIENCE: Now no need to worry about your recorder sliding around in your pocket or bag, because it has been designed with your convenience in mind and incorporates a very useful clip so you can attach it firmly in your pocket or bag as you record with it or listen to files. How convenient! Earphones and charging cable are included. (Not voice activated, but free upgrade available).

►RECORD CLEAR SOUND FROM 20 FT AWAY! Are you interested in recording the magical sounds of your baby’s first words, the music of birds singing in the morning, or the thrilling tales of a WWII war hero being interviewed? Now you can capture those important sounds with crisp, clear audio recordings to treasure for a lifetime.

►ENJOY OUR “BETTER SOUND RECORDING” GUARANTEE- Taking care of our customers is our highest priority. With over 40,000 happy customers, our mission has always been to provide superior audio products, top-notch customer support, helpful e-Books, and amazing results! If you are not 100% happy with our Jigmo digital voice pocket recorder, we will provide you with a full refund.

Important Features of our Jigmo Digital Voice Recorder

►Up to 96 Hrs of Recording Storage Space or 8GB of data, recording at 192 kbps

►Rechargeable Battery (22-24 Hours of Recording Capability per Battery Charge)

►Compatible with Mac and PC Computers (Mac computers need VLC Media Player and Windows 10 users can use Windows Media Player

►Voice Operated Recording Feature (optional free upgrade – access to Windows system required).

►Headphones Included

►Charging USB Cable Included

►Complimentary e-Book with Game Ideas, Tips, & Tutorials

►Built-In High Sensitivity Microphone

►Use as a MP3 player to play your recordings and music on the go all day

►Very portable and easy to carry

►Comes with a clip to easily attach it to a bag or pocket.

►Records Sounds up to 15-20 ft away

►Easy to switch between player and recorder mode: Simply plug in your earphones to switch to mp3 player mode and unplug them to record.

Voice Activated Recording (adjustable threshold – can be enabled or disabled)
Recording time storage capacity on disk WAV format 1536Kbps Upto 12 hrs
1024Kbps Upto 18 hrs
512Kbps Upto 36 hrs
MP3 format 192Kbps Upto 96 hrs
32Kbps Upto 580 hrs
Maximum Recording Segments A total of 999 segments
Recommended Environmental Conditions -5 to 40 degrees Celsius
Frequency response of recording playback 8KHzto 48KHz
Recording distortion degree 0.05%
Signal to Noise Ratio >80db
Actual maximum output 300mw
Music format, flow rate MP3, 8-320Kbps, WMA, 32-192Kbps
Battery 3.7V/ 200MA lithium battery
Battery Life Between 13-16 hrs (full charge)
Display screen 1.2 inches (OLED Ultra HD)
USB communication standard High speed 2.0
Body weight About 45 grams
Volume size About 90 X 22 X 9mm
Warranty 1 year

VAR1 8GB 384kbps 48 hours No 7-10 hours 1 LED (does not indicate full charge) No No No No
VAR2 8GB 512kbps 36 hours No 10-14 hours 4 LEDS (each LED represents upto 25% charge) No No No No
JVR-31 8GB 1536kbps down to 32kbps (adjustable) 12 – 580hours (1536kbps-32kbps) No 13-16 hours Yes, icon on screen Yes Yes Yes Yes
JVR-32 8GB 384kbps down to 32kbps (adjustable) 48-580hours (without additional TF card) – depending on chosen bitrate Yes, upto 32GB microSD/TF card 180 hours Yes, icon on screen Yes Yes Yes Yes

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