JiGMO is one of the brand’s of Arcos Global Limited, a UK company.

JiGMO’s range of voice recorders are used by teachers, students, doctors, business professionals, patients, musicians, writers, parents and many others. Our voice recorders are voice activated.

As a company, we at Arcos Global Ltd spend many hours researching and developing our products, in order to give our customers the best experience, as we believe they deserve the best.

We have a hard-working team, fully committed to our core values of innovating and always improving – researching and coming up with cutting edge designs; working with integrity, inspiration, respect and care for each member of our team;  and being sure to build trust and deliver quality services to our customers. 

At the end of the day, our greatest reward is to hear from our satisfied customers with whom we share a common dream: to make the lives of our customers happier and more fulfilled – to help them and others enjoy life better.